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Meet the Team Coaches

Melissa A.


Head Coach / Founder

Guidance, accountability, and compassion are the three leading things that help people make long lasting changes. Mel specializes in strength & nutrition for athletes, and teaches university physical education and activity courses. She has served 100s of clients both online and in-person, and teaches university level physical activity and fitness courses.

Stephanie F.

A-TEAM Steph.jpg

Training Consultant

After a long and successful career in IT, Stephanie found her love for helping others get to their fitness goals and hopes to grow into a full time role as a fitness coach. She invites you to grow with her by booking a free consultation. 

Wade Johnson


Strength Sport Consultant

B.W.J. has 20 years of coaching experience in strength sports including powerlifting, strongman, and olympic weightlifting. He has won world championships in numerous powerlifting federations, and a world cup in Olympic weightlifting. He has also worked with crossfit athletes, wrestlers, and fighters, and serves as an advisor to the team.

How does Online Coaching Work?


Discuss your options with one of our coaches and select the best plan for you by clicking here.

Your onboarding waiver will arrive via e-mail.


After signing and returning your waiver, your google spreadsheet will arrive next via e-mail, along with a link to our Facebook group. Make sure you introduce yourself there! We want to get to know our new teammate :)


Your spreadsheet will contain a FAQ with everything you need to know before you get started! Take a look at that and fill out your starting stats on the 'Athlete Stats' page of your spreadsheet while you wait for your plan!


Once you receive your plan, you are ready to get started! Keep in touch with your coach by sending weekly check-ins.


Good luck and have fun!!

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