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"Powerlifting coach and entrepreneur, Melissa Avanesian, aka Mel Avan, joins us to talk about her business, her 20,000 member Facebook Group, Powerlifting Women, & teaching powerlifting to beginners. We also talked about the coronavirus quarantine including how she created strength training at home programs to help her clients cope and how her garage gym and sponsorship with Rep Fitness Equipment happened just in time for her to be able to continue her powerlifting training at home."

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Full Interview | Powerlifting Coach | Mel Avan

March 22, 2020

female powerlifter

As a professor at Columbus State University, Melissa Avanesian is helping the next generation become better coaches one squat at a time. An Elite powerlifter and creator of the widely popular Facebook group “Powerlifting Women” (which reaches almost 20,000 users), Mel has been pivotal in helping women powerlifters connect with each other over the last couple of years.

Melissa chats about her journey in powerlifting and how that lead her down a path starting her own coaching, A-Team Athletics. Currently working on her Master’s degree, Melissa is testing her theory on how to elicit strength gains specifically working with powerlifters.

Programming, BFR & Training with Melissa Avanesian

March 19, 2020

The Future is Female Powerlifting
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