Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

Our resistance bands come in 3 sizes, Bitty, Standard, and Grand. Each set comes with one band of each size. Buy two and save!

All of our bands are made from latex, 41 inches (1m) in length, 4.5mm thick, and come in a seamless loop. Check out the details of each band below.

Bitty Bands are our smallest resistance bands & can be used for anything from mobility work, to resistance training, either by itself, or with a barbell for your dynamic effort training.


Perfect for accessories like pull-aparts, facepulls, light tricep work, biceps, and more!


  • Color: Duotone (yellow/grey)
  • Tension: 12-30 pounds resistance (5.4-13.6 kg)
  • Width: 13 mm

Our Standard Bands add resistance, increase stability, and are dynamic enough to use during every workout.

Perfect for assisted pull-ups, dynamic effort squat & deadlift movements, and more!


  • Color: Duotone (blue/grey)
  • Tension: 30-70 pounds resistance (13.6-31.8 kg)
  • Width: 21 mm

Grand Bands are our largest resistance bands & can be used for extra resistancr during dynamic effort barbell or bodyweight movements.

Perfect for pull-ups, dynamic squats, and deadlifts.


  • Color: Duotone (green /grey)
  • Tension: 40-100 pounds resistance (18.2-45.4kg)
  • Width: 32 mm

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