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Menstrual Cycle Guide

Menstrual Cycle Guide

Understand how your menstrual cycle impacts your body weight and training performance with our comprehensive menstrual cycle guide. This science-backed infographic will help you dial in your nutrition to optimize your performance while managing your cycle symptoms. By following the information within this guide, you'll learn how to modify your nutrition and training to improve your performance and body composition more effortlessly. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, this handy guide will help take the guess-work out of your day-to-day cyclical challenges and help take back your life by managing and navigating your cycle! 

Learn when to diet more aggressively vs when to give yourself more calories. Learn when to train hard vs when to take it easy. There will be no more surprises about your body weight once you start keeping a closer eye on the phases of your menstrual cycle!

Includes infographic in PDF format.

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    PDF Format.

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