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Agile Athlete

Agile Athlete

The Agile Athlete Mobility Template is designed to help you improve your range of motion, increase your body awareness and control, and increase your strength and stability through your newfound ranges of motion. 


  • 12 week mobility program
  • 3x 4-week blocks
    • Block 1: Developing New Ranges of Motion
    • Block 2: Developing Awareness & Control
    • Block 3: Developing Strength & Stability
  • Can be modified for 3-5 mobility sessions per week
  • 5-6 movements per session
  • Includes video demonstrations of each movement

No equipment requirements. Anyone can use this template!

Created by Beth from Maui Athletics.

  • File Format

    This template comes in excel format. Opening this template with your phone may alter the formatting and appearance. This template is designed not to accept inputs that will alter outputs. If you have any issues opening, viewing, or using this template, please contact

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