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Winners are built here.

Join the A-Team.

A-Team Athletics Online improves the strength & performance of powerlifting athletes by creating strategic and effective programs, and by providing the knowledge, guidance, focus, direction, and support that athletes need in order to win.


Inspiring Change


We seek to build strong, confident, and resilient athletes who compete and win. 

Too many new lifters are treated like underdogs. At A-Team, we are determined to change this. All of our members are treated like athletes with the potential to be world record holders. 

It's time for you to be taken seriously.


Many athletes work extremely hard year after year only to lag behind their true potential in strength sports. These athletes deserve better.

Athletes train for months, only to miss their powerlifting competition attempts and end up with a smaller total than their last meet. 

Many athletes focus on multiple goals simultaneously, only to spin their wheels and miss the mark on all of them. 

In recent years, the involvement of female athletes in strength sports has gone up from 10% to upwards of 50% with many female-only competitions selling out completely, yet female athletes do not have as many opportunities to compete at the national or world level.

Women are less likely to be taken seriously by their family and friends when beginning a strength program, and many develop greater confidence through a strong support network.

Many athletes do not have the support network at home that they need in order to be successful.

At A-Team Athletics, we want to fix this.

We want to build a community where athletes have the strength and confidence they need to make progress in the sport they love, and to win.

Achieving this goal is why we do everything that we do.


  1. Team Focused: Building relationships is everything for A-Team Athletics. It's never strictly business. Your world matters to us.

  2. Honesty & Integrity: We care about all of our team members and do our best for them every day.

  3. Reliability: We've all heard stories about lifters getting ghosted on game day. That will never be us. We will pull through for you every time. 

  4. Trust & Communication: To meet your needs in an online setting, we will meet you where you're at and work to build effective communication with you.



What Powerlifting Competitors Say

Discover how A-Team Athletics Online has helped these powerlifting athletes achieve their competitive goals. 
Fill out the intake form below and book your consultation today.


I have been with Mel for two years and it's been wonderful. I noticed her attention to detail right away. She has been extremely helpful in giving me cues to help fix my technique issues that actually work for ME. I am seeing so many improvements and I am just so glad to be part of the team!

Vidhya Narayanan


As soon as I contacted A-Team Athletics about my interest In competing, I knew I was in good hands. The brilliant guidance and coaching I received from Mel was the primary cause of my astonishing achievements in powerlifting.

Nicholas Rodriguez


Mel writes awesome programs for my goals, and it shows in my results. I feel confident going into each meet and I am able to perform at my best in competition! Mel is funny, kind, & always there when you need her. She is a real step up from my previous online coach & I can see the results & feel the motivation every day!

Mela Ziebell


Mel and A-Team Athletics provides me a custom workout plan and always adjusts things to fit my needs and schedule. She is super responsive and has helped me gain the confidence to step on the platform and WIN!

Andrea Anderson


Earning your win.

We develop strong and confident powerlifting athletes who win on the platform.

The Platform Ready Roadmap

Put 50 lbs on your SBD total in 12 Weeks

On average, our powerlifting competitors put 45kg (~100lbs) on their total within 6 months of starting with A-Team Athletics Online. That number nearly doubles if you're a novice lifter. If you're ready to get to the next level with your powerlifting training, and you're ready to break through strength plateaus and place in your next competition, fill out the form below and we will get you there.



Your Second Family

A-Team Athletes from all over the world come together every year to connect over our mutual love for powerlifting. Join us during our next event and learn more about powerlifting, and get facetime with your fellow athletes & your coach! Fill out the form below to get started.

Upcoming Events

  • 10th Annual Transformation Challenge!
    10th Annual Transformation Challenge!
    Sun, Jan 05
    Online Event
    Jan 05, 2025, 9:00 AM PST – Mar 02, 2025, 11:50 PM PST
    Online Event
    Jan 05, 2025, 9:00 AM PST – Mar 02, 2025, 11:50 PM PST
    Online Event
    Join us for our 10th Annual Transformation Challenge and our biggest prize pot yet!


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